The Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation hosts an annual meeting in a different location. Every year, dozens of symposia, sessions of oral and poster presentations, and debates and panel discussions combine to provide diverse perspectives on critical issues in tropical biology and conservation. Workshops, courses, meetings of working groups, and a variety of field trips, among other activities are also organized. Our meetings are invigorated by fruitful interactions with colleagues, old friends, and new collaborators, mentees and mentors. At our last meeting in Mérida, 50% of the delegates were undergraduate and graduate students, showing off the great "regenerative potential" of ATBC.


2019 | Antananarivo, Madagascar

Chair: Hajanirina Rakotomanana

Past Meetings

“Resilience of Island Systems in the Context of Climate Change: Challenges for Biological and Cultural Diversity and Conservation”

2015 | Honolulu, Hawai, USA

“The Future of Tropical Biology and Conservation” (Joint meeting with Asia-Pacific Chapter)

2014 | Cairns, Australia

“Ecology, Evolution and Sustainable Use of Tropical Biodiversity”

2012 | Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

“Adaptability to Climate Change and Attaining the Millennium Development Goals for Tropical Ecosystems”

2011 | Arusha, Tanzania

“Tropical Biodiversity: Surviving the Food, Energy and Climate Crisis” (Joint meeting with Asia-Pacific Chapter) 

2010 | Sanur-Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

“Impacts of Global Change on Tropical Ecosystems Cross-cutting the Abiotic, Biotic and Human Spheres”

2009 | Marburg, Germany

“Linking Tropical Biology with Human Dimensions”

2007 | Morelia, Michoacan, México

“Biotic Interactions in the Tropics: their Role in the Maintenance of Species Diversity”

2003 | Aberdeen, Scotland, UK