Since 2000 the  Editorial Board has selected the recipient of the Julie S. Denslow Prize (formerly the Award for Excellence in Tropical Biology and Conservation), which recognizes the outstanding paper published in Biotropica in the previous calendar year. In recognition of the passion and creativity of early career scholars, in 2015 the Board also began recognizing the outstanding article by a student with the Peter Ashton Prize. Criteria for selecting the papers to receive these awards include clarity of presentation, a strong basis in natural history, well-planned experimental or sampling design, and the novel insights gained into critical processes that influence the structure, functioning, or conservation of tropical systems. Below is the complete list of the award-winning articles.

Julie S. Denslow Prize

for the outstanding article published in Biotropica


Year Article Citation & Author Essay
2016 Announcement Forthcoming
2015 Farwig, N., Lung, T., Schaab, G. and Böhning-Gaese, K. (2014). Linking Land-Use Scenarios, Remote Sensing and Monitoring to Project Impact of Management Decisions. Biotropica, 46: 357–366. Citation & author essay
2014 Alexandra Pardow and Michael Lakatos. 2013. Desiccation Tolerance and Global Change: Implications for Tropical Bryophytes in Lowland Forests. Biotropica 45(1):27-36.

Gaston E. Small, Pedro J. Torres, Lauren M. Schweizer, John H. Duff, and Catherine M. Pringle. 2013. Importance of Terrestrial Arthropods as Subsidies in Lowland Neotropical Rain Forest Stream Ecosystems. Biotropica. 45(1): 80-87.

Citation & author essay
2013 Karubian, J., Durães, R., Storey, J. L. and Smith, T. B. (2012), Mating Behavior Drives Seed Dispersal by the Long-wattled Umbrellabird Cephalopterus penduliger. Biotropica, 44: 689–698. Citation & author essay
2012 no award given
2011 no award given
2010 Edward, E., Munishi, P. K. T. and Hulme, P. E. (2009), Relative Roles of Disturbance and Propagule Pressure on the Invasion of Humid Tropical Forest by Cordia alliodora (Boraginaceae) in Tanzania. Biotropica, 41: 171–178. Citation & author essay
2009 Timothy Paine, C. E., Harms, K. E., Schnitzer, S. A. and Carson, W. P. (2008), Weak Competition Among Tropical Tree Seedlings: Implications for Species Coexistence. Biotropica, 40: 432–440. Citation & author essay
2008 Henry, M. and Jouard, S. (2007), Effect of Bat Exclusion on Patterns of Seed Rain in Tropical Rain Forest in French Guiana. Biotropica, 39: 510–518. Citation & author essay
2007 Vasconcelos, H. L., Vieira-Neto, E. H. M., Mundim, F. M. and Bruna, E. M. (2006), Roads Alter the Colonization Dynamics of a Keystone Herbivore in Neotropical Savannas. Biotropica, 38: 661–665 Citation & author essay
2006 García-Robledo, C., Kattan, G., Murcia, C. and Quintero-Marín, P. (2005), Equal and Opposite Effects of Floral Offer and Spatial Distribution on Fruit Production and Predispersal Seed Predation in Xanthosoma daguense (Araceae). Biotropica, 37: 373–380. Citation & Author Essay
2005 Sheil, D. and Salim, A. (2004), Forest Tree Persistence, Elephants, and Stem Scars. Biotropica, 36: 505–521. Citation & author essay
2004 Michael G. McCay.(2003) Winds under the Rain Forest Canopy: The Aerodynamic Environment of Gliding Tree Frogs. Biotropica 35(1):94-102. Citation & author essay
2003 Guariguata, M. R., Claire, H. A.-L. and Jones, G. (2002), Tree Seed Fate in a Logged and Fragmented Forest Landscape, Northeastern Costa Rica. Biotropica, 34: 405–415. Citation & author essay
2002 Jean-Marc Hero, William E. Magnusson, Carlos F. D. Rocha and Carla P. Catterall (2001) Antipredator Defenses Influence the Distribution of Amphibian Prey Species in the Central Amazon Rain Forest. Biotropica 33(1):131-141. Citation & author essay
2001 P. J. DeVries and C. M. Penz (2000) Entomophagy, Behavior, and Elongated Thoracic Legs in the Myrmecophilous Neotropical Butterfly Alesa amesis (Riodinidae). Biotropica 32(4):712-721. Citation & author essay
2000 Ellen Andresen (1999) Seed Dispersal by Monkeys and the Fate of Dispersed Seeds in a Peruvian Rain Forest. Biotropica 31(1):145-158. Citation & author essay

Peter Ashton Prize

for the outstanding article published in Biotropica by a student

Year Article Citation & Author Essay
2016 Announcement forthcoming.
2015 Maruyama, P. K., Vizentin-Bugoni, J., Oliveira, G. M., Oliveira, P. E. and Dalsgaard, B. (2014), Morphological and Spatio-Temporal Mismatches Shape a Neotropical Savanna Plant-Hummingbird Network. Biotropica, 46: 740–747. Citation & author essay

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