Introducing ATBC Councilor 2014-2016: Yadvinder Malhi

YM selected48Yadvinder Malhi is Professor of Ecosystem Science at the University of Oxford, Senior Research Fellow at Oriel College, and Director of the Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests. His work has focussed on understanding the functioning of tropical forests and their interaction with agents of global and regional change, including global atmospheric change. This work encompasses range of approaches including networks of forest monitoring plots, ecophysiological and meteorological approaches, and satellite remote sensing. His passion for tropical forests was first kindled whilst working in Brazil in the mid-1990s, where he was co-founder of the RAINFOR forest plots network and the ABERG 3500 m elevation transect study system in the Andes. More recently his interests have spread to research in Asia and particularly Africa, the most understudied tropical forest continent. He founded the Global Ecosystems Monitoring network (GEM), which works with local partners and students to monitor in fine detail the functioning of tropical forests at over 40 sites across the tropics. He has a strong interest in understanding how we can maximise resilience and viability of tropical forests in the context of the Anthropocene, and in building the scientific capacity of tropical forest nations.

Professor of Ecosystem Science, University of Oxford
Senior Research Fellow, Oriel College
Director, Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests