Megafauna and Ecosystem Function: from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene


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Oxford University’s Ecosystems Research Programme will host a three-day conference examining the role that large animals (megafauna) play in ecosystem function in the context of past, present and future ecosystems.  The conference will consider how the extinction of large animals in the past has altered the structure and function of ecosystems (from the Arctic to tropical rainforests), and discuss the patterns and ecological consequences of modern-day megafaunal decline.  Potential for ‘rewilding’ and the reintroduction of megafauna will also be explored. 
We welcome further applications to present posters at the conference (A0 size).  


Conference registration fees 
Please note that the conference registration fee includes daytime food (lunch and coffee breaks), it does not include accommodation nor evening meals.
Registration fee for the three days: £300 for standard registration, and £200 for concession registration (concessions are available to students, to Oxford University staff and to senior citizens).

Registration and payment should be made at the following website:

Please note: Unless booked early, we cannot guarantee that accommodation (separate fee, on the registration website) will be availableFormally invited speakers (not accepted applicant speakers) are exempt from registration fees, accommodation and evening meal costs, but would need to pay for their own travel.  Thank you.