Introducing ATBC Councilor 2014-2016: Nobby Cordeiro

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Council 2014-2016

Council 2014-2016

NOBBY CORDEIRO is an Associate Professor of Biology/Ecology at Roosevelt University and a Research Associate of The Field Museum, Chicago, USA.  Born and raised at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro allowed him to explore a number of ecosystems which was important in helping to build his foundation in biodiversity in modified landscapes. He has deep interests in mutualisms, plant-animal interactions, and tropical forest regeneration, and most specifically how these interactions or processes are affected by human-caused disturbances in tropical Africa. Together with colleagues, he continues long-term investigations on these aspects, now spanning over 14 years, in the East Usambara Mts, Tanzania. He also has keen interests in the digital and scientific divide between the North and South (or richer versus poorer nations), as it relates to dissemination of applied scientific research and ultimately infrastructure.

Norbert Cordeiro
Associate Professor
Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, USA
Research Associate, The Field Museum