Post-doctoral Research Position at INRA Kourou, French Guiana


pix1Three-year post-doctoral research position in Eddy Covariance Flux and Carbon Balance Modeling

We solicit applications for a research scientist (junior or senior) position at INRA Kourou (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique), French Guiana, in the framework of the ECOFOG Research Unit (

We are looking for a Scientist (young or with experience) with strong expertise in analyzing and interpreting eddy covariance flux data and/or in modeling the carbon balance of ecosystems.

Background: The Guyaflux site has been permanently recording eddy covariance datapix2 since 2003 over an undisturbed tropical rainforest site in French Guiana, South America. Furthermore, in 2010, two other flux towers were set up in managed grasslands in French Guiana in order to calculate carbon balance over these ecosystems.

Objectives : The objectives of this post-doctoral position are to (i) analyze inter- and intra-annual, climate driven, variations in net ecosystem exchange in CO2 and H2O, (ii) quantify seasonal and annual ecosystem carbon balance, (iii) combine eddy covariance and biomass data from permanent forest plots to analyze net productivity, for both the forest and grassland ecosystems. Furthermore, in collaboration with the local, active modeling team, the researcher will invest in modeling of carbon fluxes in order to simulate the influence of climatic changes on the carbon balance of these ecosystems. He will also take part to the management of the flux tower sites, in collaboration with two highly experienced full-time technicians operating and maintaining the eddy covariance and meteorological towers.

The position: We offer a post-doctoral research position (full time, fixed-term contract) for 36 months, with a possible further extension of 36 more months. Position is integrated into a top-level research group (UMR Ecofog), with strong collaboration with the research group in Nancy, France (UMR EEF).

Salary will be adjusted for research work experience (starting from around 2600 € net / month).

Available data and performed analyses should lead to 3-4 first-authored manuscripts within 3 years.

Requirements: Candidates should have a PhD in the discipline of micrometeorology, or of environmental sciences, or of eddy covariance flux, or of tree or ecosystem-level modelling. They should have excellent written skills as illustrated by their publication record. They should be able to communicate in English but are aware that French Guiana is a French speaking country.

Deadline for application is September 30st, 2014. The position is immediately available, but post-pone start is negotiable. PhD students who will obtain their degree in the near future are encouraged to apply as well.

Application: To apply, send an email with CV, list of publications, and motivation letter to Damien BONAL (, +33 3 83 39 73 43), Bruno Hérault (, +594 5 94 32 92 05) and Eric MARCON (Head of Ecofog Unit,