Renata Leite Pitman, our new ATBC Editor of Internet Communications

We are happy to announce that Renata Leite Pitman, a Research Associate with the Center for Tropical Conservation at Duke University and the Keller Science Action Center at the Field Museum, has now assumed the role of Internet Communications Editor for ATBC. In addition to enhancing and maintaining the ATBC website, she will also assist with communications via the ATBC Facebook page and the Tropical Biology and Conservation Forum.

Renata is a Wildlife Veterinarian (DVM 1993) with a Masters in Forest Science. She has been working since 1989 in integrating fauna and flora research. Since 1994, she has become actively involved in restoring Atlantic Forest vegetation in areas of southern Brazil that were severely degraded by mining activities. There she owns a reserve with a 20 year-old restoration project, where she founded and directs the Center for Atlantic Forest Conservation. Her work with the Center for Tropical Conservation at Duke University includes coordination of research in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil, fundraising and website management. At the Field Museum, she helps on field guides production. Renata was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She currently resides in Chicago with her husband Nigel and two children.

Please help Renata to enhance ATBC’s Internet presence. Her main targets will be to engage to the ATBC’s web as many research stations in the tropics as possible and make the ATCB webpage a reference in tools for tropical biology and conservation. If you want to see the research station where you work featured at the ATBC web pages, please post a picture that characterizes your station into our Facebook page with the hashtag #TropicalBiologyResearchStation, and with a link to your station page if possible. She is soliciting broad input from ATBC members on tools for tropical biology and conservation research, upcoming grants, conferences, and training opportunities. Please post your ideas or materials in our Facebook page with the hashtags: #TropicalBiologyTools, #TropicalBiologyGrants, #TropicalBiologyConferences, #TropicalBiologyTraining.

Stay tuned and check the ATBC Website frequently for updates!

Tropically yours,
Robin Chazdon
Executive Director