PhD opportunity on invasive non-native species (UK/EU applicants only)

Better Biosecurity to Slow the Spread of Invasive Non Native Species

SUPERVISORS: Dr Alison Dunn, School of Biology, Dr Claire Quinn, Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds & Trevor Renals, Environment Agency (CASE Partner)

Invasive Non Native Species (INNS) threaten ecosystem services, with increasing economic costs (~£1.7bn pa to GB). Once INNS become established it is often impractical and expensive to manage them. Our most effective response is robust biosecurity to prevent their introduction and spread. The Environment Agency (EA) have identified that the lack of pragmatic advice that they can offer staff and the public, coupled with poor understanding with regards the efficacy of these methods, is undermining their ability to manage this risk. This research will take an interdisciplinary approach to determining what treatments will work against a range of threats and how to improve awareness of INNS and change behaviour. This evidence base will allow EA to apply a level of biosecurity that is appropriate for the risk as well as enhancing the information they provide to their staff and customers.

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NERC CASE studentship with the Environment Agency. This studentship is directly funded by NERC and the Environment Agency as is available to UK (full studentship)/EU (fees only) applicants only. The student will join the cohort of students within the Leeds-York NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP).

Closing date for applications: 11 January 2016

Source: Biodiversity Info Mailing List