NAPIRE (Native American and Pacific Islander Research Experience) in Costa Rica

Program Details

Where: Costa Rica

When: June 7- August 3, 2016

Duration: 8 weeks

Language: English

Deadline: February 15

The NAPIRE program introduces undergraduate students to scientific research by making them responsible for completing a research project. Students are supported to this end by giving them their basic living needs (travel, room and board), guidance by a Research Mentor, Home Mentor and OTS staff, a small budget for supplies, and a venue for presenting the Research results, the NAPIRE Symposium. All this takes place in Costa Rica, in the beautifully conserved biological stations of OTS.

Financial Aid

Tuition, room and Board

The NAPIRE award covers the cost of room, board and travel to and from Costa Rica. Students also receive funds to help cover costs of field equipment and a $4000 stipend.

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