Jungle-Lodge searches: Dedicated intern 
for rainforest tours in Costa Rica

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Which intern would like to discover the secrets of the tropical lowland rainforest in the south of Costa Rica?

Time slots:

February to April 2016
(or for a shorter time)


  • Off the track, only accessible by boat (no cinemas, night clubs…)
  • Pacific coast, surrounded by Piedras Blancas National Park and the Golfo Dulce
  • Environment: lowland rainforest  (0 – 500m) with unique species-richness
    dry season: December to April/May


  • Helping to guide tours through different ecosystems
  • Proxy of the local guide
  • To accompany the boat tours to a nearby mangrove area
  • Maintenance of smaller projects like expansion of plant collection, statistics of animal sightings, taking care of the information house…
  • To assist in support of customers
  • Education oft he employees in terms of environmental issues, recycling…
  • Basic english language education of the employees
  • To assist wherever needed


  • zoological/botanical interest
  • basic knowledge of neotropical fauna and flora
  • interest in increasing ecological sensibility among the guests
  • good fitness and willingness to make tours on one’s own
  • helpful, loyal, flexible und cooperative


  • board and lodge (commodious private room with own bathroom), excluding  alcoholic beverages
  • Access to scientific literature
  • Spare time for smaller projects and hikes on one’s own
  • Interesting, multifaceted study environment in a place with one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world

Short application (including picture) per e-Mail to: info@golfodulcelodge.com
t the lodge: www.golfodulcelodge.com