Island Biology 2016

Island Biology 2016

International Conference on Island Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation-18-22 July 2016

University of Azores at Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal

Oceanic islands are at the core of research on biogeography. Emerging from the Atlantic Ocean, roughly halfway between Europe and North America, lies the Azores, the most remote archipelago of the North Atlantic. Composed of nine islands, divided into eastern, central and western groups, it is home to approximately 250 000 inhabitants.

Islands have long been recognized as of special scientific interest, especially in respect to their formation and development mechanisms, means of biotic colonization, evolution of unique biotas and ecosystems, and extensive loss of endemics, making island research and conservation an atractive and very active area of research.

The ISLAND BIOLOGY 2016 international conference will bring together the expertise of a wide spectrum of research fields, in order to achieve a unified view of island biology. The conference will include poster presentations, plenary and regular sessions, and will host a high number of Symposia, aimed to accommodate specialized discussions in topical areas in Island Biology.

Biodiversity, Global Changes, Conservation, Invasive Species, Evolutionary Biology, Species Interactions and Networks, Paleobiology and Biogeography are the key conference themes. The expectation is that the pioneering ideas, leading theories, novel methodological approaches and recent ground-breaking results presented at this conference will provide advances in island biology research and guidelines for the future development of this field.

In addition, the interdisciplinary expertise of participants is expected to contribute to decision-making concerning effective conservation planning strategies in Island Ecosystems, following the inspiration provided by the Declaration of the Guadeloupe 2014 International Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change.

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