Postdoc for the meta-analysis of patterns of phylogenetic novelty on plant invasions


Closing date for applications: 03/10/2016

Understanding the mechanisms that explain why some non-native species are able to invade and come to dominate a community, while others do not establish or remain minor constituents of local communities is an important but difficult area of research in Ecology. To date, however, the relationship between phylogenetic novelty and invasiveness is mixed. The envisioned meta-analysis will strive to explain some of this variation across studies by explicitly examining spatial scale of the study, stage of invasion, and plant functional traits. Your tasks will be:

  • Work collaboratively to create a database of plant community composition at multiple spatial scales, along with complimentary data on plant traits and environmental variables
  • Develop and implement research questions about biological invasions in a phylogenetic context, publish scientific papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals
  • Participate in teaching and mentoring of PhD and masters students in the Spatial Interaction Ecology research group at UFZ and iDiv, and assist with international training workshops
  • Be an active and engaged member of the scientific community at UFZ, iDiv and affiliated institutions (e.g., attend seminars, discussions, events)

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