Postdoc for the synthesis of Community Ecology of Island Forests

helmwortzClosing date for applications: 03/10/2016

The goal of this position is to create a dataset on forest community plots to allow us to address questions about community assembly: Which factors are correlated with the commonness and rarity of tree species? Are phylogenetically clustered species separated into different habitat types? Which factors explain why some exotic species become dominant? The community data will be linked to a comprehensive data base of the regional composition of plants on all island systems that Prof. Dr. Holger Kreft and colleagues have created. Your tasks will be:

  • Work collaboratively to create a global database on island forest plots, along with complimentary data on plant traits and environmental variables
  • Develop and implement research questions about community assembly and biological invasions of island ecosystems, publish scientific papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals
  • Participate in teaching and mentoring of PhD and Master students in the Spatial Interaction Ecology research group at UFZ and iDiv, and assist with international training workshops
  • Be an active and engaged member of the scientific community at UFZ, iDiv and affiliated institutions (e.g., attend seminars, discussions, events)

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