Phylogenetic Symposium 2016 – Evolution meets Ecology

Phylogenetic Symposium

Leipzig, November 18-20, 2016

Both ecology and evolution try to understand the diversity of life, including the diversity of species, their genetic inventory, the diversity of functions, interactions and communities; how species and communities evolve, expand, and demise. Many new ideas and methodological approaches are currently developed where these two disciplines merge, both at the level of micro- and macroevolution. Examples are the evolution of biodiversity hotspots, the impact of climate change on distribution and evolutionary adaptation, or adaptive population genomics. We aim at highlighting recent achievements in evolutionary ecology, their impact on phylogenetics and biodiversity research, and vice versa.

Confirmed invited speakers are: Alexandre Antonelli (Göteborg), Christoph Bleidorn (Madrid), Erika Edwards (Providence, Rhode Island), Susanne Fritz (Frankfurt), Catherine Graham (New York), Christian Lexer (Vienna), Susanne Renner (Munich), Marten Winter (Leipzig).

Poster presentations by students and postdocs are welcome. The deadline for abstract submission is September 15, 2016. Please submit your abstracts to Martin Schlegel.

Please register online.  Registration for this symposium is free of charge.

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