Opportunities for doctoral study in Anderson biogeography lab

The Anderson lab at CCNY/CUNY seeks bright, skilled, motivated students for our doctoral program in biology, with emphasis in biogeography. We embrace human diversity, and the ‘home base’ for our research is one of the most diverse, tolerant, and intellectually vibrant cities in the world. We interact closely with other labs at CCNY/CUNY (especially those of Ana Carnaval and Michael Hickerson), as well as at the American Museum of Natural History and various universities in the NYC metropolitan region. Additionally, we have ongoing collaborations with many labs in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

Major directions for the lab’s research over the coming 3-5 years include:

1. Development of the modular, open-source “Wallace” software for modeling species niches/distributions, and ‘downstream’ analyses (including conservation biology);

2. Effects of past and future climate change on mammals in cloud forests of northern Mesoamerica (including current fieldwork in Mexico); and

3. Predicting, testing for, and integrating genetically based functional differentiation (including local adaptation) into models of species distributions and climate-change impacts on biodiversity.

Funding for doctoral studies will come from a combination of external fellowships, Graduate Research Assistantships, teaching, and other departmental support.

Please contact Rob Anderson as soon as possible if you are interested in these opportunities:


Relevant links:

http://www.andersonlab.ccny.cuny.edu/ http://www.andersonlab.ccny.cuny.edu/#!prospective-students/c24fy https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=KSRr5EQAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao