ATBC’s commitment to science for policy

Regardless of the outcomes of recent political referenda, it is imperative that environmentally progressive policies that benefit all of humankind are not sacrificed for short term gains or undermined by misrepresentation or disregard of scientific knowledge. To this end, we affirm the urgent need to provide policy makers with clear and informed knowledge to develop sound policies for managing and protecting tropical ecosystems that benefit biological diversity, global health, socioeconomic development, and the sustainability of our shared planet. The ATBC is committed to fostering and communicating scientific understanding and conservation of tropical ecosystems for the benefit of humankind. International collaboration and mutual respect for our global partners is vital to this goal. We call on leaders across the world, including the President-Elect of the USA and Congress, to affirm recognition of the value of science-based environmental policies in both domestic and international spheres. We stand ready to share the breadth and depth of our member’s knowledge with all government agencies in a spirit of national and international collaboration and leadership.

ATBC Executive Leadership