Biotropica Special Issue: Natural regeneration in the Tropics

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Natural regeneration often ignored as a viable land-use option.  Biotropica’s latest Special Issue published online Monday 21 November, 2016 explores “Natural regeneration in the context of large-scale forest and landscape restoration in the tropics” Large-scale and long-term restoration efforts are urgently needed to reverse historical global trends of deforestation and forest degradation in the tropics. Restoration of forests within landscapes offers multiple social, economic, and environmental benefits that enhance lives of local people, mitigate effects of climate change, increase food security, and safeguard soil and water resources.

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Landscape in the Marqués de Comillas area, part of the La Selva Lacandona region, southeastern Mexico. This area was open to human communities in 1970 and now the landscape is conformed of a mosaic of different agricultural uses and remnants of old-growth forest and patches of secondary forests. (Photo by: Leonor Solís. Instituto de Investigaciones en Ecosistemas y Sustentabilidad, UNAM. Used with permission and all rights reserved).