International Congress of Odonatology 2017

The International Congress of Odonatology 2017 (ICO2017) will be held in the Gillespie Centre at Clare College Cambridge from 16 to 20 July 2017.

Registration will be on Saturday 15 July.
ICO2017 was scheduled for Annaba, Algeria. It became clear that in the current political climate it will not be possible to hold a well-attended ICO2017 there. This is largely a matter of perception as there is no objective evidence that Algeria is anything but a safe destination.
However, as we experienced at Xalapa (swine flu … later established as originating in the USA) and Odawara (irrational fear of radiation leaks from Fukushima), perception is everything, and a good Congress needs the more peripheral attendees for success.

Plan B has involved shifting the meeting to Cambridge UK.

Boudjéma Samraoui remains in charge of the scientific progamme.

Three special sessions are planned, associated with the Cambridge location:
Dragonfly vision
Dragonfly flight, celebrating the contributions of Charlie Ellington
Ten years since Philip, looking at advances in fields Philip Corbet contributed to.

Registration will open on 1 January 2017. Ordinary registration will close 31 March 2017.
Submission of paper proposals with abstracts will be by 31 March 2017.

Costings are in GBR pounds. We anticipate ordinary registration will be about $US500.
This will include morning and afternoon tea and lunch provided in College on session days, and the mid-congress tour.

The Congress dinner will be held in the evening of the 20th, in Caius College Hall (Philip Corbet’s old college). The cost will be about $US80.

A limited amount of accommodation is available in Clare College. We will seek additional sources of accommodation.

An accompanying persons programme will be arranged, at least on an informal basis.

As always the ICO2017 is open to all odonatologists, affiliated or unaffiliated

A Congress website will appear at this url address later this year with up to date details and further information as we consolidate the plans

Richard Rowe
International Congress Coordinator

More info: