Biogeochemistry, ecohydrology, and land-use in the tropics

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017 Vienna  Austria 23–28 April  2017. January 11th is the deadline to submit an abstract.


Convener: Alexander Knohl
Co-Convener: Hans Verbeeck

Invited speaker: Johan Six (ETH Zürich)

Tropical ecosystems play an important role for the regional and global climate system through the exchange of trace gases, water and energy and provide important ecosystems services that we as humans depend on, such as wood, foods, and biodiversity. Historic and recent human activities have, however, resulted in intensive transformation of tropical ecosystems impacting the cycling of nutrient, carbon, water, and energy. Here we invite contributions that provide insights on how land-use and land-use changes influence biogeochemical cycles and ecohydrology in tropical ecosystems from plot to continental scale. Examples include nitrogen and carbon cycle in the soil and vegetation, the exchange of trace gases between soil and atmosphere as well as ecosystem and atmosphere, changes in the energy balance, impacts on the water cycle, scaling issues from plots to country to continent. Experimental studies using flux measurements, eddy covariance, stable isotopes, inventories, etc. as well as remote sensing or modelling studies are welcomed.


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