Emerging Challenges in Tropical Science – Workshops Grant Competition

The proposal deadline is February 6th, 2017. Workshops are expected to be held between August 2017 and May 2018.

Synopsis: The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) program on “Emerging Challenges in Tropical Science” is designed to catalyze research that addresses the most significant challenges to sustainability in the tropics.  Specifically, the ECTS program seeks to promote research in Costa Rica that addresses three emerging challenges to tropical ecosystems:

The ECTS program has five modalities to catalyze research, one of which is the ECTS-Workshops (ECTS-W) grant competition.  ECTS-W funds workshops for the collaborative development of an innovative and competitive research idea and to prepare at least one grant proposal (or preproposal) to support research on an ECTS related topic. The research proposals generated in the workshops must include field work to be conducted in at least one of OTS research stations.

EFTS-W supports workshops of 8-10 scientists or educators to work collaboratively for 4-5 days at one of OTS research stations. The working groups can be comprised of scientists and educators, along with key nationally and internationally recognized experts. The competition is open to researchers of all nationalities, however, the lead investigator must be affiliated with an OTS member institution, and at least two OTS member institutions must be represented in the group. Post-docs are encouraged to submit as co-PIs.

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