Reviewers needed for IBPES Assessments

IPBES is calling for external reviewers for 6 Regional Assessments — three of them largely tropical — and the Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment. The IPBES is a sort of ‘IPCC for Biodiversity’, and these assessments are likely to be influential. Please help improve them by registering as an external reviewer!

Note that reviewers do not have to go through the whole report line by line. If you just want to comment on a single section, or point out a few errors or omissions, that’s fine. You can search the assessments for your own areas of interest and expertise. Do note that at this stage they need actionable comments: ‘this is terrible!’ is not useful, but ‘this is terrible but can be improved by ….’ is.

IPBES Regional Assessments – Call for External Reviewers

IPBES Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment