New endowment to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Thomas Kursar and Dr. Phyllis Coley

This endowment celebrates the legacy of ecological research and graduate student training by Dr. Thomas Kursar and Dr. Phyllis Coley.

For decades Tom and Lissy have had a profound influence on and commitment to the training of the next generation of ecologists, particularly tropical biologists. The purpose of this endowment is to provide critically needed funding for graduate students while they are conducting field studies. The initial phase of this endowment (with a minimum base of $50,000) will be used to provide students with funds for supplies and travel for ecologically focused studies. Once the endowment grows beyond $250,000, the funds will be dispersed as stipends for students engaged in fieldwork.

Learn more about this Endowment and please consider making a DONATION through the Department of Biology of the University of Utah