Meeting Committee

At its 2013 annual meeting in San José, the ATBC Executive Council proposed to form an ATBC Meeting Committee (MC). It is composed of organizers of previous and future ATBC meetings (Annual and Chapters):

  1. Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz – Chair of the MC 2015-2017
  2. Tuyeni Heita Mwampamba (ATBC 2011)
  3. Kaoru Kitajima (ATBC 2013)
  4. Stephen Turton (ATBC 2014)
  5. Alice Hughes (ATBC-AP 2015)
  6. Clifford Morden (ATBC 2015)
  7. Pinio Sist (ATBC 2016)
  8. Juan Manuel Dupuy (ATBC 2017)

To submit an application to host the ATBC Annual meeting, please contact the Chair of the MC, Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz

Pierre-Michel Forget (ATBC 2008, 2012 & 2016) – Chair of the MC 2013-2015
Tommaso Savini (ATBC- AP 2009, 2011 & 2013)
Cam Webb (ATBC 2010)
Lucia Lohmann (ATBC 2012)

Conservation Committee

At its 2004 annual meeting in Miami, the ATBC Executive Council approved a proposal to form an ATBC Conservation Committee (CC). The goals and mission of the CC are to:

  1. foster understanding of current key conservation issues and conflicts, and propose feasible ways of addressing them;
  2. support local, regional, national and global initiatives to address current and potential threats to biodiversity, ecosystems and linked human livelihoods;
  3. ensure that ATBC as an organization continues to contribute to debates and decisions that influence tropical ecosystems, sustainability, natural resource use, and linked human livelihoods;
  4. initiate, facilitate, and support outreach and capacity-building activities to develop and strengthen expertise in conservation-related scientific activities, in particular where our annual meetings take place.

To foster the achievement of these goals, the ATBC Council has also adopted a new structure for the CC. Starting in July of 2012, the CC is composed of 10 voting members: 8 members selected through nomination and election from our society at large, and 2 members selected from the current council members.  We hope to balance the 8 members from ATBC at large based on three geographic regions of the ATBC membership: Afrotropics, Neotropics, and Asia-Pacific. The chair of the CC will be selected by the 10 voting members. All CC members will serve for a period of three years.

From left to right: Corine Vriesendorp, Zak Zahawi, Pia Parolin, Sophie Calmé, Alice Hughes, Roman Carrasco, Steve Turton, José Fragoso, Chris Kettle.

In Montpellier at the ATBC 2016. From left to right: Corine Vriesendorp, Zak Zahawi, Pia Parolin, Sophie Calmé, Alice Hughes, Roman Carrasco, Steve Turton, José Fragoso and Chris Kettle.

Current members of the CC include:

  • Antony J. Lynam (Co-Chair; Secretary ATBC Asia Chapter; Wildlife Conservation Society)
  • Stephen Turton (Co-Chair; Central Queensland University, Australia)
  1. Alice Hughes (Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  2. Corine Vriesendorp (Field Museum)
  3. Hong Liu (University of Florida
  4. Lisa Davenport (Duke University Center for Tropical Conservation)
  5. Norbert Kunert (Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany; SECSII)
  6. Patricia Wright (Stony Brook University)
  7. Pia Parolin (University of Hamburg, Germany)
  8. Plinio Sist (CIRAD)
  9. Roman Carrasco (National University of Singapore)
  10. Sophie Calmé (also Council member; Université de Sherbrooke)
  11. Zak Zahawi (OET – Las Cruces Biological Station)


Gender Committee

Discussions during the Asia chapter meeting of ATBC in Mahabalipuram, India in 2007 perceived the need of having a network of women in tropical biology. At the annual meeting in Morelia, ATBC hosted its first Women in Tropical Biology forum. Since then the Gender Committee has been meeting almost every ATBC Annual meeting and generating important suggestions to support women researchers in tropical biology and conservation.

Student Committee

Go to SECSCI Chapter

Communications Committee

The Communication Committee creation was proposed by Robin Chazdon in November 2015. The Committee  is composed of 8  members

  1. Renata Leite Pitman (Duke University/Field Museum) Chair

  2. Robin Chazdon (ATBC Executive Director/University of Connecticut) Co-Chair

  3. Carrie Woods (University of Puget Sound)

  4. Emilio Bruna (Biotropica Editor/University of Florida)

  5. Kaoru Kitajima (ATBC President/Kyoto University)

  6. Norbert Cordeiro (Field Museum)

  7. Patricia Sampaio (University of Florida)

  8. Terry McGlynn (California State University, Dominguez Hills)

The preliminary goal of the group is to prepare a Communication Strategy for ATBC until June 2016.

Finance Committee

1-Patricia Sampaio (University of Florida) Chair

2-Robin Chazdon (ATBC Executive Director/University of Connecticut)

3-Kyle Harms (Louisiana State University)

4-Lisa Davenport (Duke University Center for Tropical Conservation)

5-Kaoru Kitajima (ATBC President/Kyoto University)

6-Stefan Schnitzer (Marquette University, Wehr Life Sciences)

7-Emilio Bruna (Biotropica Editor/University of Florida)


Awards Committee

Julieta Benitez-Malvido (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) Co-Chair

Kyle Harms (Louisiana State University) Co-Chair



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