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In early 2014 the ATBC Council mobilized to develop a new forward looking strategy document that would both prioritize ATBC’s activities and provide a guiding path for the Association’s development over the coming years. To this end, the ATBC Council and Executive Board, as well as some invited ATBC members, got together for a day-long workshop immediately before the start of the July 2014 ATBC meeting in Cairns. This workshop generated a great number of ideas and suggestions, collectively reflecting not only what the ATBC membership has to offer, but also very considerable enthusiasm to build upon our knowledge and expertise for the sake of tropical biology science and conservation. The key issue was how to best capitalize on this expertise for the future. It is from this workshop that the strategic plan first began to emerge, with a view to define our values and priorities, and to develop pathways for our future activities. In the second half of 2014, Jaboury Ghazoul was given the lead in developing a text for the ATBC strategy. This text was informed by the Cairns workshop, but also by an extensive online survey distributed to all the ATBC members, to which we received a phenomenal response. Multiple draft texts were bounced around members of a small committee created for the purpose, and a revised draft was sent to the entire ATBC membership for feedback and comment. In April 2015, we completed a final draft that was given one last polish at the Council Meeting in Hawaii, in July 2015, and formally and adopted by the ATBC Council. Since then, the Strategic Plan has been beautifully formatted in color.