KKuswataDr. Kuswata is a senior scientist from Indonesia. His expertise is in botany and ecology, but he understands very well the political and social contexts that affect the implementation of conservation strategies, which has made him influential in both developed and developing countries.

Dr. Kuswata was educated at the Academy of Biology, Bogor, Indonesia, the University of Singapore, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He has authorship and co-authorships on more than 136 papers and major reports. Significant leadership posts held by Dr. Kuswata include directorship of Herbarium Bogoriense of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, and various senior posts at UNESCO, the MacArthur Foundation and CIFOR.

Dr. Kuswata has supervised no less than 22 undergraduate, 12 Masters, and 9 Ph.D. students from various universities.

Dr. Kuswata has received several recognition and awards, such as the 1991 Distinguished Service Medal awarded by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, and the President Club, of the University of Hawaii, USA. (Photo : Dr. Kuswata receiving news of the ATBC Honorary fellows award. © Reserved).