Founded in 1963, the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) is a membership corporation, international in scope, membership, and objectives, functioning as an international body to promote research, education and communication for tropical biology. The ATBC, currently with members from  65 countries, fosters collaboration and information sharing across a broad community of tropical biology professionals and provides outlets for research dissemination, educational and funding opportunities, particularly for early career scientists working across the tropics. As a coherent global community of science professionals, the ATBC provides a credible, collective, and authoritative vision of tropical biology and conservation issues that underpin public policy and management action.

ATBC new memberships, renewals, and subscriptions to BIOTROPICA are processed by Wiley. Membership is open to all who are interested in tropical biology and conservation. If you want to join but cannot for financial reasons, please contact our Executive Director Robin Chazdon

Member benefits 


Free access for articles in Biotropica - the official journal of the ATBC with an Impact Factor of  1.944 (2016)

Discounts for attending ATBC Annual Meetings - featuring numerous symposia on cutting-edge topics and exciting post-conference field trips

Support for Conservation Initiatives - the Association is playing an increasingly vigorous role in tropical conservation via the ATBC Conservation Committee, which is open to all members

Awards - including numerous travel awards to the annual meetings for students from developing countries

Affordable Membership - among the most affordable of all scientific societies, with major discounts for student members and those in developing countries

Receive 35% discount on all Wiley books 

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