Every year the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation presents the Navjot Sodhi Conservation Research Award to a student from a developing country conducting research in tropical conservation biology. This award is in remembrance and recognition of the contributions of our colleague and friend Navjot Sodhi, who inspired many students and colleagues with his passion for research and the conservation of tropical biodiversity. The selected recipient will receive a cash award (typically up to $500) to be used towards research-related expenses.

Eligibility: Nominees must be ATBC student members who are nationals of a tropical developing country, conducting research that directly contributes to biodiversity conservation within the tropics. All individuals who have been students within the previous 12 months are eligible, including those who have completed a Ph.D. within that period. They may temporarily reside in other countries.

Application materials
  • A cover-letter as the main body of an e-mail, with name, nationality, current academic status, project title, and project location.
  • A single-page (400-800 word) document as an attachment, describing the research project, accomplishments to date (including any publication from the research), and specifically how the award will be used.
  • A letter of recommendation by the major academic advisor of the nominee, verifying the eligibility and explaining the significance of the nominee’s academic accomplishment and research potential.
  • A curriculum vitae.

Post-award Requirements: The awardee is required to submit a one-page summary of the activities and project results supported by the award, which will be edited and made available publically through the ATBC website. Any publication resulting from the research supported should acknowledge the “Navjot Sodhi Conservation Research Award from the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation”.

Click here for complete Application guidelines.


2016 – Bernardo Flores: “Dispersal limitation as a bottleneck for tree recruitment in burnt Amazonian floodplain forests”



About Navjot S. Sodhi (1962-2011)

Navjot Sodhi

(Photo : Conservation Ecology Laboratory, National University of Singapore)

Navjot S. Sodhi was a Professor of Conservation Ecology at the National University of Singapore. An editor of Conservation Biology, Biological Conservation, and Animal Conservation, Navjot received his Ph.D. from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

He has written/edited several books/monographs such as Southeast Asian Biodiversity in Crisis (2006, Cambridge University Press), Tropical Conservation Biology (2007, Blackwell) and Conservation Biology for All (2010, Oxford, UK).

A recipient of the National Geographic Society grants, Navjot has also spent time at Harvard as Bullard Fellow and Sarah and Daniel Hrdy Fellow, where he was an adjunct associate.