Workshop on Primate Ecology and Conservation in Suriname

AdekA workshop on Primate Ecology and Conservation will take place between 3-12 September 2013 at the Anton de Kom University, Paramaribo & Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname. This workshop is open to students in the Environmental Sciences Program, Anton de Kom University of Suriname and the Biology Program of the Advanced Teachers Training Institute. Classroom and field training in primates of Suriname, community ecology, GIS use and mapping, conservation of primate habitats and presentation of professional papers. For more information, contact Dr. Paul Ouboter ( or Ms. Sonja Carilho (, Anton de Kom University of Suriname, Ms. Joelaika Behari-Ramdas at the Advanced Teachers Training Institute (, or Dr. Marilyn Norconk ( Funding for the workshop was provided by the International Primatological Society (Jacobsen Award) and Primate Conservation, Inc. (Primate Workshop Flyer)