Tropical Conservation Science

Conservation Drones


Official Deforestation Data for the Brazilian Amazon:

Story Map Crowdsource: The Story Map Crowdsource℠ app enables you to publish and manage a crowdsourced story to which anyone can contribute photos with captions. Use it to engage a specific or general audience on the subject of your choice. To contribute to your story people can sign in with their Facebook, Google, or ArcGIS account, or use a guest option. A vetting function lets you review and approve contributions.


Photo trapping (in Portuguese) Discussão sobre a ciência da foto-armadilhagem


Satellite images capture Earth evolving over 30 years:


Search for grants:  

Web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history and project planning:

Free, on-the-fly, real-time imagery processing and analytics packed with features: Land Viewer. It’s cool and insanely fast. It gives you access to imagery from Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 satellites with more to come soon.